Alicia Borisonik
There are special moments in our lives when we have the need to start a new chapter. For many years Alicia has been enjoying a successful career as a composer, performer and music educator. She recently immersed herself in a journey of self-discovery and change. Reconnecting with her passion for exploring the beauty of wildlife, Alicia is doing macro-photography of insects, plants and animals and combining her music and photography in slideshows as shown on the right.

In 2013 Alicia won a trip to Costa Rica. This was a long-time dream come true and you can enjoy photos of the trip in her photography section.

Alicia still very active as a musician and music educator:

  1. Offering her music workshops at Forest Valley Elementary School, Arch Street Public School, Blossom Park Public School and Woodroffe Avenue Public School.
  2. Planning a series of music workshops with teachers from St Anne Catholic School. This program will focus in teaching math through music.
  3. Teaching piano privately, at the Ottawa Folklore Centre and with the Ottawa Carleton School District Board.
  4. Writing new music compositions for her next CD.
  5. Planning in participating at a Latino American Music Conference happening in Costa Rica in September 2014.

And the last but not the least she is working as a volunteer for the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Check out this great organization that helps animals in the area.

So please, share with Alicia on her journey!

Thanks to the support of SOCAN FOUNDATION Alicia was able to offered two different events:SOCAN

Music Composition residency at FJ Mac Donald Catholic School

Music workshops at Russell Heights Community House (located in a low income community area)

Alicia also took an interesting course in Macro Photography with photographer Louise Tanguay. The course was a great experience because the focus wasn't on technique of the latest equipment in the market. This course was all about how to look at the macro world all around using the camera as our eyes.


Alicia Borisonik is the Executive Director of a new non-for profit organization called World Folk Music Ottawa.
The mission of this organization is to deliver music performances, workshops and projects focused on World and Folk music traditions.
Please check the WOFOMO website for more information

Alicia has received a grant from Ontario Arts Council called COMPASS.

With this funding Alicia will be able to develop her management skills. She will be working closely with qualified and knowledgeable mentors from organizations that share similar goals to World Folk Music Ottawa.

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